Assorted Novelty Shaped Button Pack

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Value Novelty Buttons
Assorted Novelty Shaped Button Pack
  • Fabulous Assorted Novelty Buttons pack - Special Offer - Great Value
  • 25g - various sizes
  • Full of various Fun buttons
  • Assorted colours in matt of gloss finishes
  • Note each pack will vary
  • Shank buttons / 2 hole buttons / 4 hole buttons
  • Bags may include a selection covering - hearts/flowers/butterflies/plain buttons/garden tools/ buttons/animals/cars/stationery shapes/ 
  • Ideal craft or sewing buttons
  • Can be sewn, glued or wired
  • A perfect embellishment on sewing, garments,quilting,gift wrapping,floral,card making,kids clothing and all decorative hobby crafts 

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